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Who we are…

PULP Invest is a manufacturer of paper base for sanity purposes and tissue products in Russia.

Our production complex was created «from scratch« on the new site of the industrial park Technopolis «Himgrad« Kazan.

The major advantage of our company is a vertically integrated manufacturing process - from raw material processing and manufacturing of base paper to the production of final tissue.

Our production facilities are equipped with the state-of-an-art equipment from leading European companies such as Andritz, OMET, Fabio Perini, PCMC, etc.

backgroundWe produce paper base and consumers’ tissue products under our own brand and the brands of our partners ...

backgroundIn the manufacturing process we use only high quality cellulose and nonhazardous chemicals.

backgroundOne of the major principles of PULP Invest is quality. Quality is not only in terms of product, but also in terms of organization, people and processes, in one word a quality of company.

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