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And again in Tatarstan

The Republic of Tatarstan is traditionally one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary and hygiene products in Russia. Not from long ago, it is true not only because of Naberezhnochelninskiy CSC, but a young Kazan manufacturer LLC "Agrotehmashstroyservis." Now it seems that the position of Tatarstan on the market will only grow stronger. Last year in Kazan the launch of a new investment project «Pulp Invest» was announced. In this article we will discuss how the construction is going and what to expect from the new factory in the very nearest future.

So, the director of "Pulp Invest" Yuri Nuzhin once led the project of creation of LLC "Agrotehmashstroyservis" company, from this experience the current project was formed. When the funding was found, the investment project was launched. The Company was registered in 2011. The construction is conducted at the site of Industrial park Technopolis "Himgrad" in Kazan city. This site is located on the territory once belonging to well-known enterprise "Tasma".  Now industrial park offers a number of important benefits from the state and regional authorities for new projects. The enterprise owns 3 hectares of land; to the site electricity, water, sewerage and railway are supplied. The construction of a boiler on natural gas is planned.

Pre-work was performed by specialists of JSC "Harris Group design and construction"; project documentation was prepared by JSC "Kazan Giproniiaviaprom." The project involves the construction of a new production building area of ​​12000 m2 supplied by Ruukki company. In one part of the building paper machine and converting equipment will be placed and in the other initially – warehouses.

Construction is performed by the general contractor "SK Perspective"; now zero cycle is over. The delivery of technological equipment is scheduled for III-IV quarters of 2012 and the start of production - in the spring of 2013.
The most important difference of the project from other competitors is equipment.

Yuri Nuzhin explains that for a new project ("startup"), it was important to not only find a modern high-performance equipment, providing quality products, but also to get a high level of service from the supplier. Therefore, "Pulp Invest" chose to buy a new Andritz - BDM PrimeLine Compact II machine. Paper machine has width of 2800 mm and operating speed of 1,600 m / min. and designed to produce 86 tons of base paper a day for tissue products with weight per square meter 16-40 grams. This corresponds to the annual output of about 30 tons.

Supplies by Andritz include the entire process chain from stock preparation to flotation unit for fiber regeneration. Only chests and pipelines in "Pulp Invest" are bought separately. Especially important for production designed for 100% primary cellulose the separation of two refining lines – short fiber line with deflaker and long fiber line with refiner.

Additionally, for new production in Kazan was purchased cutting machine Massimilianocorsini Srl, PCMC line for production of two-and three ply rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. It is also planned to install Omet line for production of paper napkins.
Erection and commissioning of paper and converting lines will be carried out simultaneously; but converting lines will have lower capacity. Therefore, at the beginning about 50% of the production will be shipped as intermediate base paper.

Thus, next year in Russia the new modern tissue paper production will be launched that has few analogues in the world. With production volumes in the coming years it will be at least among the top ten producers.

According to Yuri Nuzhin, the company plans to install in the second part of the building which is under construction today the second paper machine, and through the development of new areas in the same Technopolis "Himgrad" increase own converting and processing to achieve full conversion of the base paper into finished tissue products, including handkerchiefs and a full range of products "tissue".

Advantage of the new project in Tatarstan, apart from making effective solutions for equipment, is good location and selection of the site. Transport tariffs makes it  cost-effective delivery of Kazan products not only to the Ural-Volga region, but to consistently growing market in Central Russia. The resulting tax and infrastructure benefits from being located in Technopolis allow, according to Yuri Nuzhin, to offer high quality products at average price.

The project LLC "Pulp Invest" has already achieved in less than a year enough to claim being called innovative. Less than a year is left to wait to see what happens…

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