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Tissue in Technopolis

Three years ago, we wrote about the new ambitious project of a modern factory for the production of base paper for sanitary products and ready-made rolls of "tissue" that began in Kazan*. Now, finally, the time has come to draw the line: the new enterprise is started up, entered the market of commodity products!

In the present article, we will tell you about how the young of LLC "Invest Pulp" to present and discuss in detail the equipment set up here and the range of products.

at Technopolis

На площадке технополиса

It all started as our attentive readers may recall – at the end of 2011 at the Technopolis "Himgrad", grew on the site of a famous production enterprise "Tasma". According to the General Director of "pulp invest" Yuri nuzhina, the economic effect from placing in the Technopolis accounted for factory more than $ 100 million, so let's wrap this up separately.

Thus, young enterprise has been able to buy into ownership a plot of land with an area of 3 ha without payment for connection to existing infrastructure – water and electric and sewage. The company built its own water treatment station to the existing water pipeline from the Volga river and was forced to sum up the pipeline, which is now used by other residents of Technopolis. In addition, directly to the newly built production building have brought a small railway line to ensure the supply of pulp is a main railway station, the Rebellion is 500 meters from Technopolis and have their own driveways. Convenient road transport and logistics: several entrances, one of which is directly on Gore-Moscow highway, 4 km from Federal highway M-7.

But most importantly, perhaps, is provided by the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan favourable tax treatment for its residents. LLC "invest pulp" received reduced rates of property tax (0,1 % instead of 2.2 %) and profit (15,5 % instead of 20 %) for a period of 7 years.

In addition to the tax and infrastructure benefits, Yu Nogin notes and possible technological multiplier effect: on this same site, there are manufacturers of chemicals, packaging film, cardboard tubes, some of which become providers of "pulp invest".

Construction work is bought on the site began in 2012. However, due to delays in financial terms support for the project putting the enterprise into operation took place only in December 2014

Here the project JSC "Kazan GIPRONIIAVIAPROM" modern modular building with an area of 13 000 m2. During those 2 years came and all technological equipment supply contracts which were concluded in 2011. It is the technological equipment – perhaps one of the main advantages of the new factory. Let us dwell on it more...

According to the world standards

По мировым стандартам

LLC "invest pulp" entered into a contract with one of the leading supplier of equipment for pulp and paper – Andritz. Here running one of the world's first paper machine primelinecompact tissue machine mark II. Paper machine trim width of 2800 mm and operating speed 1600 m/min. designed to produce 30 000 t of base paper for GIS with a mass per square meter of 14 g of 100% cellulose per year. Complete line includes all the stages of the technological chain from stock preparation to the reel. In this case there are provided two lines of grinding – separately for coniferous and deciduous mass.

For coasting the company posted PRS Focus production company MC Machinery (now part of the company Valmet) with three peals and a dust extraction system having a rated speed up to 1500 m/min.

Behind a partition is a spacious room with converteravi equipment. Today, there are two technological lines. PCMC line is designed to produce 1-, 2-, 3 - and 4-ply toilet rolls or kitchen towels with perforation and embossing. She upgraded packaging line Fabio Perini, Casmatic c a unique opportunity to change the number of rolls in the package from 1 to 24 on the same line. The equipment for group packaging supplied by the same manufacturer. The line allows to process into finished products from 40 (for two-ply products) to 60 (three) tonnes of base paper per day, which corresponds to about 200 million rolls per annum productivity.

There is a line TV841-Process for the production of 1 - and 2-ply napkin 24x24 cm format with two kinds of embossing and the possibility of applying multi-color printing. The line is equipped with packer Mulitipack (Italy) and allows you to recycle 5.5 tons of paper per day.

Fast start

Тиссью в технополисе

Commissioning to installed in Kazan, the equipment took place in April-may 2015 and in June of the current year LLC "invest pulp" and produces ships for commercial products.

Contact with "Andritz" included engineering, installation supervision, debugging of equipment and training of personnel. However, this year – as with pride notices A. P. Eliseev, chief technologist of the company for a new factory managed to gather a professional team, "wallets", having practical experience in a paper machine.

As of September 2015 paper machine works steadily at a speed of 1000 m/min., producing about 55 tons of paper per day. The output of the design parameters is planned for 2016, however, explains Yu Nogin primarily the result of marketing policy.

Now actively there are negotiations about deliveries of finished products "pulp invest" in the Federal retail network.

While these deliveries have not begun, about 50 % of base paper is shipped to other processors, and the rolls produced by two brands – Reina and Perina, a leading regional players. Under the brand name Reina produced products in the mid-price segment – two-layer paper and towels, including flavored, single layer napkins. Perina brand positioned in the premium segment – here comes the three-layer and two-layer paper napkins.

Horizons of doubling

Тиссью в технополисе

Plans of new factory for the first autumn months – the development of dyed in the mass of color of base paper, which will be produced only from 100 % cellulose.

In 2016 and is preparing to buy a new converting line, which originally designed the project. After selecting and starting line working in the most favorable, according to the management of LLC "invest pulp", the segment of the industry "tissue", sales of commercial paper-the basics will be minimized, and the performance of PM will be fully covered by the power of its own converteravi lines.

An attentive examination of the production building factory in Kazan suggests: a warehouse of finished products and raw materials today is exactly the same half of the building and all installed equipment. With additional storage areas in the Technopolis "Himgrad", it seems, no problems. So, in the medium to long term, the project "pulp invest" may have its logical continuation – up to a doubling of production... At least the area that in all ways promotes.

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