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The supply of Paper Machine PrimeLineCOMPACT for production of tissue paper for LLC Invest PULP. (ENGLISH)

ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER Company will deliver to LLC "Invest PULP" (Kazan, Russia) the paper machine PrimeLineCOMPACT for the production of paper base for hygiene and sanitary purposes. Its launch is scheduled at second quarter of 2014.

Estimated speed of the machine will be 1700m/min with width of 2.80 m The scope of supply includes a line of stock preparation, steel Yankee PrimeDry cylinder, automation system and drives. Steel Yankee cylinder (diameter: 12 ft, shell length: 3.2 m) is the latest ANDRITZ technology, which provides increased productivity, efficiency and safety of operation.

This is the first PrimeLineCOMPACT paper machine for the production of paper for hygiene and sanitary purposes and the first steelYankee PrimeDry cylinder in the Russian

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