Small things that
make us happier and our daily
life more comfortable...

Tissue Products

Tissue products of our company is something that adds comfort and convenience in daily life.

Our products meet the latest market trends of personal hygiene and are designed according to lifestyle of people. They are intended for use in any location where cleanliness and comfort are necessary.

Product line consists of: toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc.

All products are made from virgin pulp with no secondary fiber and without the use of chlorine, which guarantees safety and high quality.

Monitoring the market, studying consumer trends helps us to understand our customers and respond quickly to any changes to stay one step ahead.

We create small little things that please you and make your life easier and more comfortable.


Premium toilet paper Perina created for outstanding comfort. Durable three-layer absorbent paper with new "bubbles" has a unique softness and excellent absorbency properties. Made from 100% virgin pulp, it gently cleanses and gently cares for your skin.
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Two-layer toilet paper Reina c soft and durable texture created for those who appreciate practicality. Gently cares for even delicate baby skin without causing irritation.The subtle aroma and non-perforation perfectly complement the interior of your bathroom.
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Wanting to translate the wishes of consumers, we have created products under the brand name SunDay. Simple red and white packaging United the two main properties of products are price and quality. The main advantage of this segment is low cost, the quality of such goods remains in the first place.


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